Hogan Assessments

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  • "The bottom line is that personality matters to individuals because self-understanding allows a person to be strategic about his/her career choices and career development. Personality matters to employers because knowledge about a job applicant's personality allows them to be strategic about the hiring process."  

    Dr. Robert Hogan

What are the Hogan Assessments?

Hogan Assessments help organizations solve human resource problems. The assessments were created by Hogan Assessment Systems, a research-based consulting firm. The Hogan Assessments are built on more than 20 years of research and validation showing personality is an underlying factor for behavior.

Underlying Philosophy

If someone is measured accurately, then the core personality can be determined and performance on the job can be predicted. Predictive validity studies conducted by Hogan Assessment Systems and other researchers link certain personality characteristics and job performance over time. While there are other factors that predict successful job performance, the Hogan Assessments have repeatedly demonstrated their predictive capability. Data from the assessments is turned into reports that give a rich, thorough picture of a person.


The three personality assessments can be used to select candidates and employees, develop leaders, and identify talent. The assessments are valid across geographies, cultures, and gender. The assessments that help us predict behavior are:

Hogan Personality Inventory

  • Measures the bright side of personality, what we see when people are at their best
  • Concerns how a person approaches others and their work
  • Characteristics that are noticed quickly by others

Hogan Development Survey

  • Measures the dark side of personality
  • Concerns characteristics that can derail a person’s career
  • Negative tendencies that appear after prolonged exposure, during stress, or heavy workloads

Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory

  • Measures the inside of personality, key motivators for people
  • Concerns personal drivers and fit with organizational culture
  • Describes the environment the person will like to work in

Additional Hogan Reports

Hogan also offers reports for several other assessments, including the EQ (emotional intelligence) Report, the HBRI (Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory), and the Judgment Report.


The Hogan EQ assessment measures emotional intelligence, the ability to identify and manage one’s own and others’ emotions.  This report provides an overall score, as well as scores and feedback for six EQ scales and can be created from existing HPI and HDS assessments.  The six EQ subscales are:

  • Awareness
  • Detection
  • Regulation
  • Influence
  • Expression
  • Empathy


The HBRI evaluates two kinds of problem solving, called Strategic Reasoning and Tactical Reasoning. Strategic Reasoning concerns identifying problems that need to be solved. Tactical Reasoning concerns solving problems once they have been identified. Combining Strategic and Tactical Reasoning creates a score for Critical Thinking.  It is targeted for selection use.


The Judgment Assessment focuses on decision making by measuring processing speed and style, pre-decision approaches and post-decision biases.  The report includes how a
leader reacts to feedback about his or her failed decisions.  By understanding how they process information, what natural tendencies they rely on before making decisions, and their likely reactions to feedback about failed decisions, leaders will be able to develop better judgment and decision-making skills.  This assessment is used for development purposes.