Job Profile

A job profile is a set of guidelines for predicting the performance in a target job or job family and is based on characteristics and competencies of someone who is effective in the job role. Profiles are used when screening and selecting candidates.

  • "The first secret of effectiveness is to understand the people you work with and depend on so that you can make use of their strengths, their ways of working, and their values. Working relationships are as much based on the people as they are on the work." 

    Peter F. Drucker  "Managing Oneself"

A job profile is created from research identifying the assessment scales that best predict successful performance. Once this job profile is created, candidates’ assessment profiles can be benchmarked against specific screening guidelines and a recommendation made of no fit, fit, or strong fit. The process of creating a job profile consists of the following steps:

  1. Select subject matter experts (SMEs); these are individuals who can define how the target job(s) should optimally be performed.
  2. Identify through a group meeting and the online Hogan Job Evaluation Tool (JET) the SMEs’ perspective regarding the target jobs.
  3. Approve the job profile created by Hogan, based on SME information and archival criterion-related validation research.
  4. Use the job profile created by Hogan and the BASIS report to identify those candidates whose assessment results best predict effective job performance.

MetaSkills guides you through the job profile process by helping you identify SMEs, conducting the group SME meeting, and administering the JETs. We also help validate the accuracy of the completed job profile and assist you in identifying the best candidates based on the Hogan job profile and assessment results.