Team Development

Many employees are members of more than one team as part of their work process. More than half of them spend at least 30 percent of their day working as a team to accomplish work goals. Research suggests that teams are successful approximately 50 percent of the time. Teams not functioning as smoothly and strongly as possible reduce effectiveness and are less likely to achieve their goals.

  • "Organizations are moving away from the 'great individual' model of leadership, and moving toward being led by a team of executives instead....The executive team that learns together and truly learns to lead cannot be photocopied from some other organization."

    Charlie Kiefer  The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook

Intact Teams

MetaSkills works with intact teams to support them as they become more effective. Team development focuses on team behaviors that exist beyond the individual members. MetaSkills helps teams to become more self-aware, to know how to use their strengths, and how to overcome their challenges.

Personality is significantly related to team effectiveness. By identifying a team’s potential derailment factors, particularly those that appear under stressful conditions, a team can more successfully avoid breakdowns. MetaSkills uses a proven methodology to guide teams to a better understanding of their individual and collective differences and how to function as an effective team.

MetaSkills uses Hogan assessments to help a team:

  • Understand their synergistic strengths
  • Identify their challenges
  • Understand any gaps in capability in relation to the team mission within the organization
  • Explore what the team really values and discuss differences between perceived values and the overall assessment results
  • Identify specific insights about how team members work with each other based on the Hogan results
  • Given the Hogan results, identify and agree on development actions the team can take to strengthen its ability to accomplish current and future organization goals

MetaSkills can create a variety of Hogan team reports to support the team sessions, from line and composite graphs of the team members’ Hogan results to analysis reports ranging from one page highlights to the more in-depth Hogan Team Report.

We can work with individual members and the entire team to further the team’s development as an effective collaborative group.

Cross-Functional Teams

MetaSkills has conducted research in Fortune 500 companies who are using cross-organizational teams to accomplish projects requiring complex coordination and integration. By studying exceptional performers in the new team environment, we have pinpointed a set of processes and skills critical to successful cross-organizational and virtual teams. Successful teams build shared purpose, orchestrate commitments, manage projects, share leadership, and facilitate transitions.

Tools for Intact or Cross-Functional Teams

Other tools MetaSkills uses to help teams function more effectively are DiSC, MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation), and the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model and Team Performance Indicator (a brief assessment supporting the Team Performance Model).  Many of the tools, as well as many 360 assessments, offer group or team reports as well.  MetaSkills can provide administration support for all of these tools.