Pre-Employment Selection

Pre-employment selection is how to objectively identify job candidates for an organization.

Using assessments can lower long-term hiring costs and provide an objective base for candidate comparison. Organizations benefit from avoiding the costs of hiring people who turn out to be a poor fit with the job or a poor fit with the organization.

  •  "It was once thought that the components of emotional intelligence were 'nice to have' in business leaders.  But now we know that, for the sake of performance, these are ingredients that leaders 'need to have'. It is fortunate, then, that emotional intelligence can be learned." 

    Daniel Goleman  "What Makes a Leader?"

Companies often consider the use of assessments as risky. In fact, using valid and reliable assessments as one part of a selection process increases the validity of the process. MetaSkills can support you in ensuring that your selection process is as effective as possible by:

  • minimizing negative performance
  • maximizing positive performance
  • using the best statistical and technical practices of business psychology
  • following a legally defensible method

The final selection is still made by the organization, but the appropriate application of assessments ensures the likelihood of greater success.

MetaSkills offers pre-selection support ranging from a full criterion validity study for a major high-volume selection to generic job family profiles for less frequently filled positions. MetaSkills consultants help organizations determine the best pre-selection option for each circumstance, identify the appropriate methodology, and provide support throughout the process.

As part of the process MetaSkills can also assist in the review of candidates’ results and how their characteristics balance with existing personnel.